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Disaster Relief
As many know Greensburg was almost completely leveled in a tornado that swept through the town on Friday, May 4, 2007. If you would like to know more about ways to help with disaster relief for this community please click here.

The City of Greensburg
Greensburg is the county seat of Kiowa County. It is located on Hwy 54 and Hwy 183 and is served by the Southern Pacific Railroad. Farming and oil & gas are the main bases for the local economy.

Greensburg was named for stagecoach owner D.R. "Cannonball" Green. He once ejected Carrie Nation from his coach after she snatched a cigar from his mouth and tossed it away. His fine stage coaches and speeding broncos blazed trails which railroads and highways later followed. His stageline brought stability and prosperity to the towns it served as he helped his passengers become acquainted with prairie life. But his stageline was up-staged when the railroad came to Kiowa County.

The world's largest hand-dug well, completed in 1888, is 109 feet deep and 32 feet wide. In 1884, the town needed a good supply of water and when the Santa Fe Railroad proposed building a well to supply water for the steam locomotives the city granted a franchise and construction of the Big Well began in August 1887. The only tools used were a shovel, pick, half barrel, pulley and rope. A mule was lowered by means of a harness into the well when construction reached the very bottom. The Santa Fe Railroad eventually removed it's tracks, but the city used the well for water supply for 50 years. The Well was opened as a historic attraction in 1937 and visitors can descend the metal stairway into the cavern. The museum also has a 1,000 pound pallasite meteorite, the largest of its kind yet discovered.

For more information contact: the Greensburg Chamber of Commerce, (620) 723-2261, e-mail tourism@bigwell.org, or visit www.skyways.org/towns/Greensburg.
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