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Gateway Kansas Attractions

Fort Dodge

The site that is now Ford Dodge dates back to 1847, when Fort Mann was established at the Cimarron Crossing on the Santa Fe Trail, a few miles west of present day Fort Dodge.... Read More

Dorothy's House/Coronado Museum

The Dorothy's House attraction is located inside a farmhouse that resembles the setting for the first part of "The Wizard of Oz." Tour guides dressed as Dorothy narrate the basic plot of the film and visitors literally follow the yellow brick road from the Land of Oz building to Dorothy's place. The ends in the "Emerald Room," which features artifacts donated by the Munchkins who acted in the original film.... Read More

Greensburg's Big Well

Greenburg's Big Well is on the rebound after a May 4, 2007, tornado tore through Greensburg, destroying most of the town and part of the well itself.... Read More

Santa Fe Trail

It's not difficult to imagine the kind of views pioneers had as they traveled across the open prairie on the Santa Fe Trail. Just visit the Santa Fe Trail ruts site. The ruts were formed by years of constant use by freight wagons and settlers traveling the trail. The deep gouges in the earth have been visible for more than 100 years.... Read More

St. Jacobs Well

St. Jacob’s Well, located in a small sinkhole in Ashland, was a prime watering place first used by Native Americans. ... Read More

Kansas Teachers Hall of Fame

Article Summary... Read More

Santa Fe Trail Center

The center's 10-acre complex features outdoor exhibits, including reproductions of a sod house and dugout homes, as well as an original limestone cooling house, a one-room schoolhouse, a Santa Fe Railroad depot and a CME church.
Two miles west of Larned on Kansas Highway 156.
(620) 285-2054
... Read More

Carnegie Center for the Arts

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Carroll Mansion

A visit to this museum is an experience
into the past. You will enter a Victorian
home finished in 1882. It features elaborate
handcrafted woodwork, beautiful stained
glass windows and elegant antiques from
the Victorian age to the early 20th century.
... Read More

Carnegie Arts Center

The Leavenworth Carnegie Arts Center is located
in the oldest library building in Kansas. Built in 1900,
the building housed the Leavenworth Public Library
until 1987.
... Read More

Richard Allen Cultural Center of Bethel A.M.E. Church

The center offers a glimpse into the history of
African-Americans locally and nationwide. It was
created to ensure that the rich heritage of African-
Americans and their profound effect on American
society would not be lost.
... Read More

Fort Leavenworth

Fort Leavenworth was established in 1827, making
it the third oldest active military installation in
the nation.
... Read More

Frontier ArmyMuseum Reynolds Avenue, Fort Leavenworth

The Frontier ArmyMuseumtells the story of Fort

Leavenworth from 1827 to 1917, and the history

of the frontier Army from 1804, when Lewis and

Clark passed by present day Leavenworth and Fort

... Read More

Boot Hill Museum

Boot Hill Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of Dodge City and the Old West.

Dodge City was founded in 1872 and quickly became the world’s largest shipping point for Longhorn cattle. Dodge was the wildest of the early frontier towns, but law and order was soon established with the help of men such as Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp, and Bill Tilghman.

Dodge City was a town that persisted and grew, and still honors its western heritage.

The Front Street buildings are reconstructions, exhibiting hundreds of original artifacts. They represent Dodge City in 1876, and were carefully researched through historic photographs and newspapers.

The various exhibits throughout the museum depict life in early Dodge City. There is a collection of over 200 original guns on display, a working print shop, an extensive collection of drug store items, an entire building that was just completely renovated, and many other special exhibits. Each artifact on display is authentic and there are approximately 20,000 artifacts displayed throughout the complex.

Boot Hill Museum is an educational, historical institution with just enough fun added for the whole family to enjoy. We look forward to seeing you in Dodge City!
... Read More

Lindsborg- Smoky Valley Roller mill

The Smoky Valley Roller mill was built in 1898 to replace an earlier one which had been destroyed by fire. Unlike grist mills which used stones to grind, this mill used corrugated rollers to process wheat into flour. The mill operated from 1898 to 1955, shipping flour across the world. During Millfest, guides walk visitors through the mill with all the machinery in motion. Tours begin every ten minutes.... Read More

World's Largest Ball of Twine

At 17,320 pounds and 40 feet across, the World's Largest Ball of Sisal Twine is overshadowed only by its reputation as a road trip must-see. While visiting you can add your own piece of twine to the ball and become a part of history! Be sure to view the more than 40 painted canvases by artist Cher Olson, such as "American Gothic (with Twine Ball)" and "The Scream (with Twine Ball)."... Read More

Big Brutus

On July 13, 1985, Big Brutus was dedicated as "a Museum and Memorial Dedicated to the Rich Coal Mining History in Southeast Kansas."... Read More
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